One thing a visitor should definitely not miss is a walking tour of The Historical Center. The center of Zacatecas has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and has the most splendid colonial architecture, sandstone streets and alleyways. In the heart of The Historical Center you find the Cathedral Basilica of Zacatecas. Recently a new main alter was made for the Cathedral. It weighs almost 20 tons, made of Finish birchwood and bathed in 24 carat gold. It is designed by Lavier Marin an internationally known sculptor from the state of Michoacán.

Zacatecas offers a lot of attractions for tourist to explore. Both festivals, museums and archeological sites

The most important festivals during the year are the following:

  • The Cultural Festival in April. During one week different cultural groups and artists both national and international visit the city. This festival is celebrated at the same time as Easter.
  • The International Folk Festival in July where dance and music groups from many different countries perform. Some of the countries that during the years have participated in this festival are: Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Slovakia, United States, Panama, Peru, Poland, Guadalupe Islands, Tahiti and Venezuela.
  • Moor versus Christian. Every year a parade and a re-enacting of a battle between Muslims and Christians takes place. The magnitude of this spectacular festival grows day by day. The first day around 2 thousand participate, the second day about 5 thousand and the third day there are 12 thousand participants or more.
  • The National Fair of Zacatecas in September offers a wide variety of events such as concerts, arts and crafts, gastronomy displays, amusement park, agricultural expos, live stock exhibitions and of course bullfights.
    Zacatecas has the largest bull farms in the country and is considered the state where the most brave bull livestock is being breed. Zacatecans love bull fights, it is a proud part of the culture of this state and it is one of the most important events of the National Fair.
  • The International Street Theater Festival in October where theater companies from all over the world perform.

Zacatecas has a large variety of museums. Here are some of the most important:

Museo Zacatecano

Takes you on a journey through some of the most important themes in the history of Zacatecas. It is located in the beautiful and antique "Casa de la moneda".

Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez

Located in a building which was once an old Seminario Conciliar and jail. The museum holds the most representative exhibition of national abstract art. It has as part of its heritage 5 extraordinary collections: Los Murales de Osaka 1970, La Ruta de la Amistad de Mexico 1968, a collection of 160 national and international artists, a retrospective by Manuel Felguerez and a collection of Zacatecan abstract artists.

Museo Rafael Coronel

Known as the mask museum. It has the largest collection of masks in the world. All donated by the Zacatecan painter Rafael Coronel. In total the museum has around five thousand masks from Mexico and the collection is known as The Face of Mexico. Additionally the museum has sketches and drawing made by the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

Museo Pedro Coronel

This museum exhibits collection of cultural works from all over the world. Furthermore the museum has graphic works from Goya, Miro, Picasso, Dali among others.

Museo de Guadalupe

The building was first used as a college founded by Fray Antonio Margil, then quaters, hospice and center for Franciscan novitiates.
Now the museum holds one of the largest collections of vice regal paintings from the 16th century up to the 19th century.

Museo Francisco Goitia

Considered among the 10 most important contemporary art museums in the country. The museum holds a permanent collection of integrated works from 6 great Zacatecan masters, relevant figures in art from the 20th century in Mexico and the world.

For the complete list please visit this link: Ministry of Tourism

Zacatecas also have very extraordinary archeological sites. The two most important are La Quemada and Alta Vista.

La Quemada

Only 56 kilometers from the city you can see one of the most impressive archeological sites in the northern part of central Mexico. Explore the masonry platforms located in the mountain range and the Mesoamerican constructions where el juego de la pelota (the game of the ball) was played in the votive pyramid and the museum where you can become more familiarized with the cultures of the Caxan, the Chichimec and the Teotihuacan.

Alta vista

The Site of Alta Vista is in the area where the Chalchihuites-Chichimec culture was founded. It is situated 230 km from Zacatecas and was a cultural and ceremonial center. Its golden age is estimated to be around 400 to 650 CE. In the classical period this center represented the maximum northern expansion of Mesoamerica. At the site there is a museum where it is possible to learn more about this unique culture.